Photobooth Bristol Wedding

Photobooth Bristol Wedding

Arrive at a  Wedding, and you’ll notice, suddenly everyone is a photographer. Smartphone, polaroid, throwaway, semi-pro. Whatever the camera, it’s pointing at the guests – and not only the happy couple.

It’s a special day for everyone, so of course they want their own memories safely preserved. But do you really want shaky, blurry, just plain cruddy images of your big day shared on your Facebook wall? Neither do we. Which is why our Photobooth Bristol Wedding hire is a no-brainer for your wedding celebration.

We like all your images sharp, high quality and high resolution. This allows your wedding guests to see them during the whole event. Because that’s what you get with our wedding photo booth rental.

The booth is a natural gathering point for guests, and our uniformed attendant will keep all the action clean and classy – with a cheeky nudge and wink thrown in for good measure.

Our props really helps you get the best value for money, encouraging guests to relax, smile, and let their hair down.

Don’t think of it as just a photo booth – think of it as a fun multiplier and memory maker. Because there’s no better way to remember the celebration of your new lives together than with a comprehensive collection of informal, quality photographs that perfectly compliment your official wedding pictures.

Prints can be produced by our booth attendant, or images sent to your social media accounts in real time – this allows guests who couldn’t make it (or weren’t invited!) therefore allows them to watch the celebration unfold in real time.

You can even customise your pictures with the name of the happy couple, or any other greeting or graphic you desire. Then at the end of the night. Once you show your friends, they’re going to want a wedding photobooth as well!

Photobooth Bristol Wedding

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